CapitalGenesis LLC. is a recently formed company that brings together a number of people who have vast experience needed to craft win-win situations in the equity markets.

We are currently working on projects in the following industries:

What We're Looking For

We are adding to our portfolio weekly, and are looking for the following types of projects in companies of 2 plus years of operations where we can help unleash value:

Experienced Management - We look for seasoned professionals who want to take their companies to the next step. Whether it is an expansion program, a management buy-out, a strategic acquisition, or selling off a division. We can help. We want to see you reach your goals.

Rapid Growth - This is the best issue to have to deal with, rapid growth. Your company can be destroyed just as easily with too rapid growth as it can with no growth. As your working capital needs outstrip your retained earnings, you need help. Let CapitalGenesis provide that cushion.

Great Margins - We can help streamline your systems and create new markets for your current product lines. Our personnel have extensive experience in assisting at the product level as well as the financial level. So whatever you need in the way of boosting your bottom line, CapitalGenesis can help.

Contract Expansion - You did your job and have captured a large client who will propell your company to new heights. Unfortunately, you don't have the capital needed to execute fully for these contracts. Let CapitalGenesis help you. Don't let your future be diminished just because your not in a position to expand.

Technological Advances - You just created and patented the best widget in the world. You won't make any money until you get it into the marketplace. CapitalGenesis is the place to come. We understand technology and how to speed you into profitability.